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College and School Management Software

EIBS is one of the best school management software development companies. There are 5 unique products available in ZEUS for managing institutes, schools, and colleges. Our products are more user-friendly and fast loading. Especially our school management software is one of our best products. Our team of software professionals will provide continuous support. We also provide customizable software based on our client’s requirements too. We have a huge number of satisfied customers all over the world. If you’re running an institute, school or a college then our smart school management system is the best solution to manage your students, staff’s, attendance, fee, parents and assets, etc.

We provide a power-packed software solution with several modules integrated inside to fulfil your entire institution management requirement. Zeus campus alert, Zeus School, Zeus IMS, Zeus Academia and Zeus exam booking are the Zeus products specially designed for school, institute and college management. These Zeus products are developed to manage school, institute or college more effectively. So that the administration work is more simplified and systemized. Apart from the software, it’s the most secure and safe place where the entire school data is maintained. Data like students, teacher’s history and other payment details are maintained in the database that is entered in the application.

ZEUS Academia is a management system for institutes and schools with general features like student management, staff attendance, class schedule, library, calendar, teacher’s management, student’s attendance, parents, reports, dashboard and study materials.

Zeus Exam booking is one of the best Software in ZEUS PRODUCTS from EIBS. There are many inbuilt features in the software like Arthur management, Exam booking, scheduling exams, Exam link forwarding features through mail /SMS, student’s management, student’s analysis through reports. Admin can check the questions framed by Arthur, approve it and schedule exams accordingly. Admin can get better insights through reports. Detailed reports are available.

Zeus School is an effective school management software with many inbuilt features to manage a school of any size. The software is a complete package for school administration. There are modules to manage students, Parents, teachers, attendance, exam, online exam, media, assets, payroll, library, transport, hostel, message, users and much more. Separate module for academic is given, in which it comprises classes, subjects, assignments, and syllabus.

ZEUS IMS from EIBS is one of the ZEUS Products developed to manage institutes. So that owners can easily manage their institutes and get a complete record over the courses handled, staff present and their current status. From inquiry to students complete record is maintained and can be easily tracked through the application. Books, Assets and event management are included in the application to make it more user-friendly.

Zeus Campus alert in ZEUS PRODUCTS is one of the most innovative products developed by EIBS. It best fits all institutes, schools, colleges to make all well informed on exam dates, results and so on. There are many features in the application that unites all members on the campus together and well informed. Apart from members it event connects departments like a library, transport and so on.

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