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Top Most Popular Content Management System for Website Development

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Top Most Popular Content Management System for Website Development

Before venture into any online business, it is crucial to finalize on on content management system. Each CMS comes with its several features and advanced functionalities. It is better to determine via extensive research and then choose one for your content management. CMS is an application which enables to publish and manage content on the web. As well as, it allows to index content, make changes to it, format it using visual editors and so on.


Features of Content Management System


A way to publish new content: It includes a powerful editor and plenty of options to make sure your content looks most professional.


Strong community: Content Management System with active communities are under constant development, so you will always have access to updates, security patches.


High-level of customizability: As a matter of fact, it is highly customizable which means it enables to add any feature you want and to create more advanced websites.


Content taxonomy option: The more content your website has, the more critical it is to keep everything organized. That’s why it allows to create categories, assign tags to articles and so on.


List of Top Most Popular Content Management System


Here, list of top most popular content management system such as  



Most popular content management system is WordPress. It is widely considering one of the most accessible options for managing the website because of its popularity, the resources available for WordPress users are extensive. There are two versions such as  

org–> Free and open source


com–> Paid upgrades for applying templates, professional themes, hosting and plugins




    • 1.Structural hierarchy of a website using WordPress as a Content management system is SEO friendly


    • 2. Without experience in coding can also create its own website on WordPress


    • 3. Plenty of professional themes, templates and plugins


    • 4. Easy to use and the best way to understand





Magento is an open source which powers e-commerce websites around the world. It uses Zend PHP databases and MYSQL. There are three versions of Magento such as


    • 1. Enterprise edition


    • 2. Enterprise cloud edition


    • 3. Community edition





    • 1. Easily customization and offers several functionalities and features


    • 2. Upload feature facilitates e-commerce sites to add thousands of items in a single import


    • 3. Most favored CMS for e-commerce websites


    • 4.Scalable and manage growing e-commerce sites





It is a widely supported multilingual CMS platform offering more than 64 languages. Since, it is free and an open source for publishing web content. It is PHP based and MYSQL to store content. Joomla can utilize for several kinds of websites such as personal blogs, e-commerce websites and corporate websites.




    • 1. Easy for beginners and start their websites in a short time


    • 2. Serves as an excellent portal for asking questions and getting technical support


    • 3. Best for E-commerce Business Websites, and also to create a social networking website


    • 4.Secure and offers a lot of educational resources





Drupal is an open source, free, flexible and the most advanced content management system. Websites using Drupal as their CMS are looking to create a professional website with expertise and fitness.




    • 1. Websites load faster


    • 2. Possible to edit the root files of the program



    • 4. More flexible and customization options


    • 5. Makes Mobile friendly


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