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Android App Development for Absolute Beginners

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Android App Development for Absolute Beginners

Android App Development


Have you got a fascinating idea for an app? Do you wish to dominate the app market? Think about those download and reviews. You wanna go viral? Android App Development is the solution for you.


Let’s face it. Coding is difficult in itself. Android development is a whole new ball game. Not only mastery on java is a prerequisite but you need android specific software and learn unique tactics of Android app development. It’s complicated but certainly achievable. Let’s go through the step-by-step process to develop an app.

Step 1: Android Studio


Generally, you need a Software Development Kit (SDK), an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Android Studio to begin with. Android Studio comes from Google itself hence its most preferable. You can run and test your concepts easily. It creates the files you need, basic layouts and so. On simple terms it saves you lots of time and effort.


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Step 2: New Project


It’s finally happening. You are starting a new Android Studio Project. The package you are creating is called Android Package File (APK) which you will have to upload to Google Play Store. This is the stage where you choose the device to develop such as Phone and Tablet. Since you are just a beginner, you can choose the version Android 1.1.


Step 3: Basic Activity

A basic app that displays “Hello World” is what most developers prefer as their first project. You can start with it as well. Test this app on your mobile or tab. If you select Basic Activity when started you’ll see a second XML file called ‘content_main.xml’.


Step 4: Getting Better

“Perseverance Pays” holds true for app development as well no matter how clichéd it sounds. So you need to be strong at the very fundamentals of programming and keep on getting better. One day you can be a successful app developer and even work for Google.


Until then, we at EIBS got you covered, feel free to get in touch with us if you need a premium app for your business.


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