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Bakery Management

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Commercial Portal For Bakery Management


Manage Your Bakery Effectively With The Exclusive Portal For Bakeries

Features of Pastero

It features the number of customers, products, branches and sales reports on a monthly basis in visually appealing way.

Menu List

The bakery menu can be administered and updated periodically based on the demand and availability of goods.

Branch Management

A bakery with lots of branches can avail this feature for branch management to maintain uniform standards.

Inventory Management

It involves ordering and rotating ingredients such as flour, sugar, and butter.

Budget Management

This enables working within the confines of the bakery’s budget in order to maximize sales.


The portal comes with an inbuilt calendar that highlights important dates of the academic year like exam commencement and so.

Bakery Management
What’s a Zeus Pastero?

It’s a web portal exclusively designed for bakeries as the process is different from hotel management.

Bakery Management enables dedicated features for baking equipment management and maintenance.

It integrates delicacy recipes and cost-reducing techniques in an efficient way.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface that everyone could use.

How does Pastero work?

Zeus Pastero was launched to simplify the process of bakery management.

It gives reminders for preparing baked goods such as pastries, breads, cakes, and cookies.

It provides instructions to enforce the standards of bakery and safety policies.

The portal offers features to administer the budgeting and goods tracking.

Bakery Management Software
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