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Zeus Cable TV Billing Software

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Portal to Manage Cable TV Packages


Manage Your Cable TV Billing Software and Make Payments with The Best Cable Pay Portal in the Industry

Features of Cable Pay

Dashboard features the sales percentage, total customers, monthly targets and bookings.


Online feedback, bill statement, usage policy, and agent details can be accessed.


It is a lifecycle function dealing with the planning, forecasting and production of products at all stages.


User can choose their own packages based on their personal preferences.


Payments can be made via digital and utility payment portals on smart phones using Cable TV Billing Software.

Collection Report

Service providers can manage the collection reports of customers.

Cable TV Billing Software
What’s a Zeus Cable Pay?

It’s a revolutionary portal for entertainment industry.

It’s enriched with user friendly features and impressive layout for effective process.

Internet based portal to give complete information regarding broadcast and payment.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface that even non-technical salesperson could use easily.

How does Cable Pay work?

Zeus Cable Pay is designed to help broadcast / satellite channel, DTH operations.

It is designed to focus on the MSO, cable operators, and broadband providers.

The informations can be modified in a visually appealing way with graphs, flowcharts, and other means.

It consolidates information on existing cable network.

cable billing software
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