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Accounts Portal for Business Accounting Software


Manage Your Business Efficiently with The Best Accounts Portal in the Industry

Accounts Portal for Business Management


Manage Your Business Efficiently with The Best Accounts Portal in the Industry

Features of Accountia

Dashboard features amount to be received and also spent in an impressive way to clarify.


Business Account details as well as transactions can be monitored and referenced.


In this case, the stock items you keep physically stock in your store can be listed. Accordingly, modifications made based on sales.


Through this feature , Sales target and achievement can be updated on both weekly and monthly basis.


Customer details can be collected and also stored to rollout loyalty programs. And also, offers discounts for valued customers accordingly.


In addition, a monthly sales report including the date, number of orders, product subtotal amount, shipping cost which can be generated for each month.

Accounting Software
What’s a Zeus Accountia?

It’s a customized as well as the multipurpose accounts portal designed for business management.

It’s not only enriched with user friendly features and also acts as impressive layout for effective process.

In brief, It's a Internet based portal for businessmen and accountants in order to monitor sales, manage accounts, tax evaluation, and property documents.

To specift that, it's Intuitive and user-friendly interface that even non-technical salesperson could use easily.

How does Accountia work?

In general, Zeus Accountia is designed to help you manage your business accounting by a unique portal where all your income as well as expenses can be updated on a regular basis accordingly..

To menthion that, It works in a way where managers can update the income, expenses, profit, targets, and also customer trends easily by following simple procedure

In accordance with, the informations can be modified in a visually appealing way by means of graphs, flowcharts, and other means.

Altogether, the sales record for each month can be upgraded in a regular basis in order to track the overall business progress.

small business accounting software
Screen Shots

Zeus Accountia

Zeus Accountia is an account portal for business management. In general, it manages the industry’s accounts portal in an efficient manner. It also contains many user-friendly features. So that, non-technical person can use it easily. Altogether, it is a unique portal where all the business accounting can be maintained. In addition, monthly sales report and its target can be updated with convenience.


Regarding its features, Accounting Software can monitor the banking account details reference. Including, maintenance of customer details collection as well as monthly sales reports perform efficiently. Furthermore, stock items listings can also be made based on the sales.

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