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    Commercial Portal For Saloon Management System


    Manage Your Saloon Effectively With The Exclusive Saloon Management Portal

    Features of Saloon

    It features staff performances, total services, and total products in a visually appealing way.

    Quick Sale

    It announces the special offers and discounts on the popular services of the season.


    Customer appointments are managed effectively in order to avoid overlaps and delays.


    Frequent customer profiles, details, and their preferred stylists are updated for marketing purposes.

    Online Booking

    The portal must be accessible online on all browsers to promote business.


    The portal comes with an inbuilt calendar that highlights important dates of the academic year like exam commencement and so.

    Saloon Management System
    What’s a Zeus Saloon?

    It’s a web portal for saloon management and saloon appointment booking services.

    It provides various service schemes and pricelist for the services including tax.

    In case of a customer demanding package schemes like bridal makeover discounts can be calculated based on the service offered.

    Intuitive and user-friendly interface that everyone could access easily.

    How does Saloon work?

    Zeus Saloon was launched to help saloon owners enhance their business by effective management.

    It has incredible features for appointment booking, preferred stylists, and estimated time for the chosen service.

    Saloon software includes reviews and style recommendations by customers who have visited the saloon.

    It enables stylists to update their availability and speciality.

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