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    CRM Development Company develops custom crm Software performs a vital role in the marketing approaches of businesses. When a company’s customers count increases, then it’s a difficult task to maintain all manually. In this case, customer relationship management software is the best solution to overcome the issue and manage the customers effectively. In fact, the best CRM software should be compelling, easy to use and has to be reliable.

    When it comes to CRM, our ZEUS Products stand apart in the market as we incorporate many user-friendly features for giving better customer experience. ZEUS AD AGENT, ZEUS CONNECT, ZEUS SALOON, and ZEUS STUDIO are 4 exclusive ZEUS CRM’s developed to manage customers and overall work progress.

    Why EiBS is Number One CRM Development Company?

    As well as, EiBS is the Best CRM Development Company in India. Moreover, EiBS has an expert team to develop efficient crm software based on the client requirements. Especially, Our Expert team provide custom crm software to manage the customers. Important to realize, we have a lot of experience in the crm development services. Furthermore, our CRM software includes a wide range of modules and features to manage customers more effectively. In the final analysis, our professional crm software helps to increase the efficiency of the business.


    Zeus AD AGENT, a special Zeus product developed for CRM Development Company that provide advertising services. So that admin can easily manage the entire business process more effectively. Similarly, the software is built in CRM Software. Such a way that multiple branches can be managed through single software and get real-time analysis. At the same time, admin can add multiple users and give role permissions accordingly to manage the business. From lead to customer and their ads and the added status are maintained in the application. So that users will have a clear idea about customer history, advertisement in progress and all.

    Zeus Saloon is exclusively developed ZEUS PRODUCT for saloons, spa and Wellness centers by EIBS. In reality, there are many modules integrated to make it more effective for users. So that saloon management is done effectively to the system. Appointment, customers, reports, dashboards, and online booking are the main modules in the software. Quick Sale is one of the attractive features in Zeus Saloon, hr management software. It notifies the special offers to the users. Special offers and limitations can be updated in a quick sale.


    In order to, ZEUS STUDIO is one of the ZEUS PRODUCT that is specially designed to manage studios. In addition, there are lots of features in the software to make it more managerial and user-friendly. There are separate modules for lead, customer, staff, package, vendor, lab management and task allocation. Event reports, profit reports can be derived through the software to get better insights. The main Highlight of ZEUS STUDIO is that every customer’s details can be maintained up to date with timely notifications such as events date and so on.

    Zeus Connect is an innovative software product like School Management Software developed by our EIBS team. Especially, the software fits any office to keep their employees connected and updated. Common notice, events can be notified to all employees through the application. Apart from these projects and task status can be viewed and updated through the application. Modules for team members, timeline, clients, projects and tasks are available. As a result, Admin can get real-time reports on the employee status, task and project status. Through which the entire management work gets simplified.

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