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Custom Restaurant Management Software

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Custom Restaurant Management Software

Our Restaurant & Hotel Management software for hotels and restaurants is simple but powerful. We mainly focused on functionality and rich features that allow managing all the hotel operations easier. This software is known for its simplicity and quick loading characteristics. However, it is designed to ensure the growth of our clients business and hotels along with this, it reduces all the manual work done and make it computerized. Therefore, you will enhance your management as it manages the data analysis, front office, housekeeping, reservation, operations, sales, assets, accounting and restaurant billing. It improves the work efficiency of your hotel business by reducing manual work. Our custom restaurant management software based on our client’s requirements has bought markable changes in their business. There are four ZEUS Products developed exclusively for Hotel /restaurant management with unique features framed after a continuous analysis on the field. ZEUS FOODIZ, ZEUS HOTEL, ZEUS RESTRO, and ZEUS PASTERO. The most common and effective feature in all the 4 application is reports and notifications. Admin can get better insights into the real-time data by timely up-to-date reports and notifications.

ZEUS HOTEL is an upgraded ZEUS PRODUCT mainly hotel management along with room booking features. Users can check the available rooms and book rooms online. Hotel management is done much more effectively through the features inbuilt in the application. Asset management, dashboard, customer management, vendor management, product management, purchase management are a few features available in the application.

ZEUS FOODIZ is a popular ZEUS PRODUCT developed for feed lovers. So that they can order food from their home at the same time hotel/restaurant management is made easier. Admin can have a complete track of the food orders done by the users. Admin can update food products available based on category. Apart from these features, there are many features to manage the ingredients, vendor, and custome.r

ZEUS Pastero is one of the unique ZEUS PRODUCT developed by EIBS. The idea behind the software is to manage the entire bakery efficiently and get instant reports. Zeus Pastero is one of our unique products developed after a series of analyses. Modules are framed in such a way to manage bakery more effectively. There are separate modules to manage customers, products, stock, menu list, branch management, reports, and dashboard. The budget management module is included in the application to make in order to get clear insights into the bakery’s budget. This module helps admin in decision making and to increase sales by focusing on the expenses correctly. The application is developed exclusively for bakery Management with easy to navigate buttons.

Zeus Restro from zeus products is the best software for Restro and Hotel management with table reservation features developed by EIBS. It empowers your business by systemizing the regular process and gives a complete track over the purchase, stock and orders done by the customers. The main modules in Zeus restro are Customer, vendor, products, raw materials, purchase, stock, orders, reservation and reports. Reports in zeus restro gives a complete record and better insights on sales done so far.

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