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    Matrimonial Software: EIBS provides the Best Matrimonial Software with more advanced features that enable users to select their perfect life partners with the best software experience. Our Professional developers have designed the user site after a serious of analysis and planning, with lots of features that give a user-friendly experience to the users. Moreover, the front end enables users to view profiles, forward friend requests, search for the perfect pair and mark them in favorites, Create a profile, set my preferences, one-click to view matched profiles, SMS Gateway Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Sent Email to Matched Profiles, etc. Additionally, our matrimonial software includes advanced features and functionality at an affordable price as our motive is to satisfy our client’s.

    Zeus Matrimony, more special as it comprises a lot of features in it from which you can view all the members logged in the applications, set the package based on which users can choose their match with features like interests, gallery, and chats. Front End settings are also available on which still we can increase the user experience.

    Zeus Matrimony – Matrimonial Software

    Zeus Matrimony admin panel is designed in a more effective way through which admin can get the complete insights on live statistics about the end-users. The package is one of the key features in the admin panel. Admin can set the plan with message counts and other accessibilities limits to users like the golden package, silver page and son on. So that users can choose the package they prefer and affordable. Based on the subscription users can view profiles, show interests and chat with the profiles they prefer. At the same time counts will be deducted in the backend based on usage. Once the subscription limit is over both users and admin will get a notification.

    The front end design is built more user-friendly with easy buttons to navigate through the software. So that it gives the best user experience to the end-users. As said, users can subscribe to the affordable plan and pay online through the application.

    Features of Matrimonial Software:

    There are many options available to make it more attractive than other software such as School Management Software, travel management software, hr software etc. End users can mark their interest, send a friend request, and chat with peoples. Apart from the search option, there is an advanced search option available in the front end. Through which it makes searching more effective. Stories are one common feature. Through which the existing users can share their story and experience like how the software was useful in selecting the best pair. Here admin has the right to approve the stories given by the users from the back end. Based on the admin approval, stories will be displayed on the front end. Admin will get notifications for all the requests and updations done.

    Multiple users is another feature in the admin panel. So that admin can create another user and give role permission to them to manage the end-users. Based on the role of permission, users will get access to the software. Reports are another major plus of ZEUS MATRIMONY. Admin can get a clear report on subscriptions done, payment history and all.

    Matrimonial Software Matrimonial Software

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