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    HR Software: No matter where you are, get up to date data about your employees through a human resource management system. Human Resource Management Software is the combination of management as well as technology to make the work more efficiently. Our HRM Connects human resource management and information technology via software and reduces manual work. It can help to revolutionize the workplace by systemizing interview, payroll, attendance and other important activities of the HR department. The automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with HR management frees up some of the companies most valuable employees. At the same time, it allows them to focus on retention and other highly impactful areas. One of the main features of human resource management is reports, human resource team can get better insights, comparison data about their employees. So that based on the performance they can easily evaluate employees. So it helps the HR Software team to make better decisions on the time of employee appraisal, termination and all. Apart from management Zeus’s product to find the right employees is also available. ZEUS HRM and ZEUS JOBS are two ZEUS PRODUCTS mainly designed for human resource management. Both the products are framed and redefined after a series of analyses by our technical experts.

    ZEUS HRM is a perfect software developed by EIBS for Human Resource Management. There are many features inbuilt in the application to manage and have better insights on employees. Payrolls management, attendance management, leave form, employee management, department management, reports, training management, and recruitment management are a few modules in the application. Zeus HRM is more flexible software and it perfectly matches any business for managing its employees.

    Timesheet, HR Software calendar and events and meetings are modules included in the software to make it more efficient. Meetings can be organized, notified through the application. Timesheet is one of the most effective modules in the product, through which employees’ timely work can be analysed. Assets, finance, and files management options are also available in the application to make it a single stop solution. ZEUS HRM is complete software with numerous facilities to manage and control human resources.

    ZEUS Jobs is one of the ZEUS PRODUCT developed EIBS. After a series of analyses, our professional team developed the application to support recruitment business and job consultancies to manage their overall process. The software is more flexible with user-friendly features like online resume builders, reports, package models for recruiters based on which they can access resumes and post jobs. Admin can fix packages, view all candidates’ details and have the entire access. There are lots of reports available in the software through which admin can get better insights. Admin can create multiple users for managing the progress. At the same time, user-friendly front end design is given for interviewees. They can apply for jobs, they can search for jobs. Advanced search options are also available to the end-users.

    Recruiters can register and admin will give access to the recruiters. Admin will have the entire control over the application and receives up-to-date notifications.

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