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Logo Design Company: A Logo Design is a symbol or design used to represent your brand or organization. It is used in all the designs like Business card, letter head, magazine and advertisements to recognize the organization and create a brand. Moreover, the main thing we have to keep in mind is,”our logo should explain our business in simple term or using a simple symbol”. Logo can be image based or text based. We also provide a variety of logo design services like monogram logos, word marks, symbols, abstract logos, mascot logos and combination marks and so on.

Our Logo Design Company


Logo Designing Experts and Specialization

Particularly, our Company Logo Design Services know the fact well that a picture worth a thousand words. Obviously, Logo is the first thing every customers will note and recognize your brand and services. When it comes to logo design services it requires a deep analysis of the products and services. Ultimately, we develop logos in like manner that it explains the service and products in the organization simply through the logo. Apart from Logo Design Services, we are being a good website development company and mobile app development company with the support of our experts.

Our Logo Design Services

Mobile Responsive

Most importantly, you may always need to think about is ensuring the site is mobile responsive. Most of the people are doing all of the search using their mobile phone devices and of the website doesn’t work on them. Then, it won’t view them, and it is not good to sign for the website.

Comprehensive Logo Design

EIBS offers the professional logo design services, which play a major role in branding and making a distinctive identity for your brand. Our logo can express the several nuances of the brand’s core values and beliefs on which its found. It can shape your brand story along with both functionality and aesthetics creating wonders.

Logo Designing

Getting the professional logo designed is simple with us, and we are having a team of experts. As a matter of fact, we will help you to come up with the ideal one which work for all your needs and it includes the style size. Just give us a call, we will work with our designing experts to make the best one for you.

Experiences and Ingenious Designers

Our logo can serve as a tool for you to attract the perfect audience towards the business and boost up brand loyalty. As a pre-eminent logo design service, we are here to help you to build a lasting impression at a glance. Our designers create a perfect font, colors, shapes and also other graphical elements to make an attractive logo.

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Types of Logo Design

Monogram Logos

It's text based. Furthermore, the initials are taken than the full brand name. And whole company name is represented in 2 or 3 words.

Word Marks

Text based logo style that completely focus on brand name and it works well when the brand name is unique, catchy and easy.


Logo symbols are commonly followed style. It's graphic or ionic based logo in which symbols are chosen based on concepts.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are the most preferable type. Especially, it includes pictures, geometric forms to symbolize but avoids literal representation.

Mascot Logos

Beyond texts and symbols to make a designing more effective we can use illustrated or anthropomorphized characters too.

Combination Marks

To stand apart in few cases we need to combine the different logo ideas such as a symbol with letter logo or emblem logo etc.


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Unique logo to give distinctive identity.


Gives a great impression and trust on first look.
logo design services


Instant recognition and professional brand image


Brand identity as well as builds loyal customers.

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