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    Collection Management Software: It helps organizations to keep a complete record over the collections and pending collections to be done in detail. Our professional development team has analyzed user’s inputs and datum to develop a comprehensive system that will perform for you. Our experience has given us insight into what’s needed to make Collection Agency Management Software a program that is both cost-effective and easy to use. We develop custom software’s too based on specific requirements given by our clients to make the application still more effective. Our commitment to meticulous planning, disciplined execution, and continuous improvement have turned into measurable results through the application. At the same time. Modules like collection management, supervisor management, agent management, payment managements are few features which have been framed after a series of analysis. Zeus Agent and Zeus Cable pay are developed to manage agents and have a complete track over the collection.

    Zeus Agent by EIBS is a special product developed for growing businesses to manage their AGENTS and have better insights on their work progress. When we run a business of large size with agents and all. Then the management and having a complete track over it is again a big task. To manage and effectively optimize the entire work process a complete agent management software is required. After a series of analyses and planning our development team has drafted the process flow and modules to manage agents effectively to optimize the entire process. Modules in the application are built accordingly to have a complete track over the agents, supervisors and their collection. Admin can generate reports through the application and get real-time reports on the dashboard regarding the collection and agent’s status. Admin has many options through which he can create roles and give user permission based on which users get access to the software. Reports and notifications are given to admin through which continuous business progress can be tracked more accurately.

    Zeus Cable Pay is the most unique ZEUS PRODUCT developed for cable pay management. Admin will have an application through which the can entirely manage the agents, collections at the same time users will have a front end website. Through which they can easily pay the cable payments. Admin can easily check collection reports and generate a report to validate the agent’s performance and so on. The software is more powerful and it optimizes the work of both customers as well as admin. Admin will have features to fix packages and describe it. These details will be displayed in the frontend through which customers can choose the package that better suits them. Apart from its customers can easily pay through the front end. Admin will get a notification for all the payments done and received through the agents. Admin users can easily extract the details of pending payments, customer’s details, and the agent’s detail. Notifications for both admin and customers are enabled through which they can get reminders about pending payments, payments done and so on.

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