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    CMS Software: Content Management Systems are simple solutions for users without programming background. It is a software that allows users to create, update, remove, manage and edit content in their web pages without technical knowledge. Contents will include photos, video, audio files, maps and graphics. Any CMS will support the contents format and helps users to present it effectively. One of the main and attractive feature of CMS is that, it allows multiple users with different permission level to manage a website


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    Our experts recommend Content Management System for small and mid-size business at the starting stage. EIBS experts develop and design completely customizable CMS. Our experts choose CMS that are easily integrate able with other technologies like social media, mobile app’s extra. We develop highly secured CMS, ERP Solutions with content permission, module permission and user roles to ensure security.

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      Our CMS Features

      Page Management

      Page Management

      Any Users with authority can easily create and publish their webpages without programming.

      remote access

      Remote Access

      We can open our CMS from anywhere and update pages easily. just through simple clicks.



      CMS automatically fits according to the device size, it can be a mobile, tablet or a laptop.

      shared hosting

      Shared Resources

      Any module, video, image or an audio file can be shared and website manager will have the option.


      Archive Capabilities

      We can track the changes made in any page and archive previous versions of the particular page.

      seo friendly

      SEO Friendly

      CMS optimizes your pages and advanced plugins are available to make your application more SEO friendly

      Why EIBS Global in CMS service?


      We follow best practices such as SSL Certification, Updated software and plugins are used.


      We create templates which are easily upgradable and Customizable by our clients.

      User Friendly

      We create user friendly and intuitive applications which are Easy to navigate by end users.

      Ease to Use

      Our CMS are simple in structure, which enables our clients to perform complex updations simply.

      Risk Analysis

      We develop application in updated versions and All plugin we use are of updated versions.

      Business Growth

      Enables business growth by making your online Presence predominant and strong


      User Friendly

      Simple and interactive design with high tech features

      Bug Free Code

      Continuous testing from unit testing to system testing for a bug free application.
      Website design company - EiBS

      Super Responsive

      Completely responsive application that better fits your device

      Fast Loading

      Optimized code and scripts for better and fast load time

      Our Process

      Requirement Analysis

      Choose Right Platform

      Website Development



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