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    CMS for Business That Will Double Your Search Traffic?

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    CMS for Business

    CMS for Business That Will Double Your Search Traffic?

    CMS for Business: Nowadays, everyone has an online presence and getting your business or blog noticed means it has to be attractive and accessible. Making the best choice when looking at a CMS Development Company to build your site can be the difference between ending up on the search engine’s first page.


    How to Select a CMS for Business?


    As a matter of fact, there are several deciding factors when selecting the CMS and SEO is incredibly vital. A good CMS is easy to use. You will able to design your website the way you want it to look without needing to do a course in web design. Templates should be available to provide the layout for you to build on. Once your website is published online, you will still need to do some managing and editing from time to time. A good CMS is that offers a host of content management tools.


    Best Content Management System for Search Traffic


    Text Pattern


    Textpattern has various major updates and is the most flexible Benefits of CMS for Business. In fact, it offers a simple interface and an incredibly small footprint. It is the lightweight markup language that is utilizing to convert plain text into HTML. In addition, it has a great feature is that you don’t have to upload plugin. Simply, you can find them on the Textpattern resources, download the text file and copy the contents over. As a matter of fact, it is SEO friendly because it incorporates many of the recommended usability and accessibility methods without having to add an extra plugin or customize your dashboard. In order to, provide some extensions which can help improve your SEO ranking such as a meta tag, plugin, contact forms, and site map plugin.




    CONTAO has a user-friendly interface and it has many available publishing tools. It is based on open web standards, so if you prefer to personalize your working interface you can easily do. As well as, if you need to run more than one site, it enables to set up an Intranet to manage them all in one easy move. This CMS for Business makes use of SEO friendly URLs which is easy to read and given preference by search engines. The extended seo search engine optimization plugin allows controlling descriptions, keywords and the title for your posts. Hence, it helps to improve your SEO ranking.




    SilverStripe is an extremely popular open-source CMS Website Design. The features that initially set it apart was the fact, it heeps themes and widgets separate to the content management, Video Marketing and have to be added by uploading an extension from their site and uploading it. Moreover, it has taken security very seriously, allowing you to restrict the IP range from which your account can be accessed. Hence, minimizing the risk of being hacked. It incredibly searches engine friendly. There is a tab on each page dedicated to metadata, allowing you to edit the page title, keywords, URL, description, and create page redirect with ease.

    Also, it alerts you when one of your links is broken. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, a fantastic plugin known as SilverStripe editor which will help boost the traffic functions. In the final analysis, it is really important that your site be both attractive and accessible. Moreover, choosing the best CMS is the difference between your design and the SEO process.

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