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Examination Management System

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Online Portal for IT Certification Exam Booking


Apply for IT Certification Exams with The Best Examination Management System Portal In The Country

Features of Exam Booking

It features the number of students, upcoming exams and previous exam results.

Student Management

The details of the students who have applied for exams are managed.

Author Management

The profiles of the respective examiners can be listed out and managed.

Exam Management

The exam schedules and timings can be managed on this portal.

Help Desk

A 24/7 help desk is available for students to address all exam related queries.


The portal comes with an inbuilt calendar that highlights important dates of the academic year like exam commencement and so.

examination management system
What’s a Zeus Exam Booking?

It’s an exam booking portal for students.

Examination Management System enriched with user friendly features and impressive layout for effective process.

It includes features that can generate and compare results.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface that everyone could use easily.

How does Exam Booking work?

Zeus Exam Booking enables students to apply for IT certification examinations.

Students can book IT certification exams from the comfort of their homes.

Results can be generated and compared in a visually appealing way with graphs, flowcharts, and other means.

All the advanced certification courses are listed in an impressive way.

exam management system
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