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    Setting a perfect communication channel for a massive business is a challenging task. There are multiple options to communicate with business customers but when it comes to a bulk group, we face real difficulty. We help our customers to overcome the following pain point through bulk communication platform services. Users will not follow the same way of communication. We can catch a few of our clients through the mail and another group through WhatsApp etc. We have all the bulk services on the preferred platform to enhance our client’s communication with their leads and customers. To create a better rapport with our customers a continuous communication is required. ZEUS COMMUNICATO is one of our ZEUS PRODUCTS mainly developed to make communication more effectively by our developers after a series of analyses.

    Mail is one of the best communication channels to reach customers at the same time it becomes a challenging task for a massive business to forwarding mail frequently. We help our clients to overcome the following challenge using “Zeus Communicato”. Using zeus Communicato bulk mails can be forwarded to n number of customers. To make the service more effective there are many features inbuilt in the application. Email templates can be created, templates can be edited, Customers database can be imported, customers can be grouped, Mails can be forwarded based on customer group, Using scheduler mail timings can be fixed, can view detailed reports. The above mentioned points are few important features available in Zeus Communicato. Admin can view the detailed report on the mails forwarded. All the mails forwarded will be received in the primary box of the customers. Admin can check the mails that are not delivered and see the real-time status of the forwarded mail.

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