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    We develop our own products named after Zeus the supreme ruler of the gods and the lord of sky and rain. Likewise our Zeus products are of supreme calibre with immense reach. We have developed more than 20+ Zeus products so far.


    Zeus Academia Logo Zeus Academia Logo
    Zeus Accountia Logo Accounting Software Logo
    Zeus Ad Agent Logo Zeus Ad Agent Logo 1
    Zeus Agent Logo 1 Zeus Agent Logo
    Zeus Cable Pay Logo Zeus Cable Pay Logo 1
    Zeus Campus Alert Logo Zeus Campus Alert Logo 1
    Zeus Communicato Logo 1 Zeus Communicato Logo
    Zeus Connect Logo 1 Zeus Connect Logo
    Zeus Exam Booking Logo Zeus Exam Booking Logo 1
    Zeus Foodiz Logo Hotel Management Software
    Zeus Hotel Logo Hotel Management Software
    Zeus HRM Logo Zeus HRM Logo 1
    Zeus IMS Logo Zeus IMS Logo 1
    Zeus Inventra Logo Zeus Inventra Logo 1
    Zeus Jobs Logo Zeus Jobs Logo 1
    Matrimonial Software Matrimonial Software
    Zeus Pastero Logo Bakery Management System
    Zeus POS Plus Logo Zeus POS Plus Logo 1
    Zeus Restro Logo Hotel Management Software
    Zeus Saloon Logo Zeus Saloon Logo 1
    Zeus Studio Logo Zeus Studio Logo 1
    Zeus Travelo Logo Zeus Travelo Logo 1
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    Zeus Academia

    It is an academic portal developed employed by institutions to oversee both student and staff management activities such as attendance, schedule, grading, assignments and so.

    Zeus Accountia

    This portal is utilized by businesses to effectively maintain their accounts, sales, purchase reports, timesheet and so.

    Zeus Ad Agent

    This Customer Relationship Management portal enables businesses to successfully manage their customer and vendor database.

    Zeus Agent

    Sales agents can be tracked and collections can be updated on a regular basis effortlessly via this portal.

    Zeus Accountia

    Your cable TV packages can be monitored and payments can be made easily via this portal.

    Zeus Campus Alert

    This is a campus portal that could be availed by students from campus all over the country. It mainly focuses on exam alert and performance reports.

    Zeus Communicato

    E-mail marketing can be done via this portal by availing the bulk mailing services.

    Zeus Connect

    This is a staff portal that enables all the members in an office to stay connected and updated.

    Zeus Exam Booking

    Advanced certified courses like CCNA and MCE can be booked via this portal. Exam dates can also be tracked.

    Zeus Foodiz

    One can order food from all the top restaurants in town via their smartphone from the comfort of their home.

    Zeus Hotel

    Hotel booking is made easy via this portal. Reputed hotels from all over the world can be booked on your smartphone.

    Zeus HRM

    Advanced certified courses like CCNA and MCE can be booked via this portal. Exam dates can also be tracked.

    Zeus Matrimony

    A matrimonial site to find the perfect life partner for you.

    Zeus Pastero

    This is a customized portal is specifically designed for bakeries to manage delicate operations.

    Zeus POS Plus

    E-commerce operations and product storage is made easy with this Point of Sale portal.

    Zeus Restro

    Restaurants can get quite crowed during weekends and festive seasons. You can easily book tables via our Restro portal

    Zeus Saloon

    This is a customized portal is specifically designed for saloons to fix appointments and customer tracking.

    Zeus Studio

    Another customized product from Zeus this time for photo studios.

    Zeus CRM Suite for Startup Business Success


    Eibs Global is Custom Software Product Development Company. Similarly we own reliable software product brand identity that namely ZEUS products. Notably we are Best Sales CRM Software Solutions for small business. Eventually released CRM Solutions for College, Restaurant, Travel, Accounting and billing, Mail chimp, Matrimonial Management services. Absolutely EIBS Global provides reliable business strategy consulting services especially compete with the market place.


    Eibs Global Zeus Products  Services


    Ultimately we understand your customer needs through advanced digital marketing company as well as statistical competitors analysis. Under those circumstances we customized similar CRM Solutions for your business. Consequently enhances overall performances of business including task tracking, increased organization sales growth. Surprisingly CRM platform keeps information normalized as well as retrievable.

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