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    Business Portal For POS Solution

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    Manage Your E-Commerce Business With The Exclusive Point Of Sales Portal

    Features of POS Plus

    It features the number of POS, amount collected, and total visitors in a daily basis.


    The customer database is stored and their profiles updated based on their purchase.


    The product details, categories, and reviews can be monitored for regular Updation.

    Purchase Order

    The purchase orders and their delivery details such as date and time can be monitored.


    Business expenses can be evaluated to assess the investments and profits.


    The portal comes with an inbuilt calendar that highlights important dates of the academic year like exam commencement and so.

    POS Solution
    What’s a Zeus POS Plus?

    Zeus POS Solution is a web portal to store, manage, and sell your products and accept payments on any device.

    It enables dedicated features for automatically updating your inventory, orders and customer data.

    It simplifies the process with centralized inventory techniques and process.

    Intuitive and user-friendly interface that everyone could use.

    How does POS work?

    Zeus POS Solution was launched to offer a central component of business. The hub where everything merges.

    POS Solution is a combination of software and hardware that enables transactions and business operations to be simplified.

    This software also comes in cloud-based software-as-a-service solution.

    It can be utilizes in different industries such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

    POS management software
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