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Block Chain Technology

In simple words block is a digital information and chain is database. Block chain carriers no transaction costs but any block (digital information) will contain 3 main data in it. The first one is date, time and amount, secondly the participant’s info of the transaction and finally the information that differentiates it from other blocks. On the whole a block chain is multiple blocks strung together. Thus block chains are highly resistant to any modification of data.

Block Chain Solution


Our Experts in Block Chain

At Eibs we have experienced developers working in the field of block chain application development like decentralized block chain applications, logistics and banking sectors related applications etc. Based on customer requirements in securing the datum and based on the functionality, we suggest block chain technology.

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Decentralized technology

Block chain puts users in straight forward position.


Impossible to alter or reverse a data.

Faster Settlement

Super-fast transaction along with smart contract system.

Enhanced Security

Cryptography forms and strong protection layer.


Consensus enables networks to make decision.

Double Spending Solution

Full stop for confusions like double spending in same unit.

Our Process

Analyse and Planning

Consensus Design

Blockchain Protocols Development

Supervision/ Testing


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