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    Block Chain Technology

    Block Chain Technology: In simple words block is a digital information and chain is database. It carriers no transaction costs but any block (digital information) will contain 3 main data in it. The first one is date, time and amount, secondly the participant’s info of the transaction and finally the information that differentiates it from other blocks. On the whole a block chain is multiple blocks strung together. Thus block chains are highly resistant to any modification of data.

    Block Chain Technology

    Block Chain Technology

    Our Experts in Block Chain

    At Eibs we have experienced developers working in the field of Block Chain Technology application development. Like decentralized block chain applications, IoT Solutions, logistics and banking sectors related applications etc. Based on customer requirements in securing the datum and based on the functionality, we suggest block chain technology.

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      Why Block Chain is Important?

      Safety and Security


      Digital signature and encryption technology are few security systems available in block chain, which makes it more secured and reliable technology using software development company



      Processing Speed

      High speed transactions as we are not going to include payments, all processing are done faster ever before.

      Page Management


      Transparent transaction history. Altering single record in block chain is a huge process as the whole network has to be altered. Hence data are more accurate and consistent.


      Cost Savings

      Block chain cuts your expenditures by cutting off middle man or third parties. The one we have to trust is just the data in block chain.


      No Hidden Fees

      Just get rid about commissions. One of the main advantage on using block chain is the system is decentralized. So intermediary payments are not needed.

      Builds Trust

      Fraud Control

      Any system with lots of data stored in a network is a key for hackers but in the case of block chain it’s again a challenging platform for hackers.


      Decentralized Technology

      Block chain puts users in straight forward position.

      Enhanced Security

      Cryptography forms and strong protection layer.


      Impossible to alter or reverse a data.


      Consensus enables networks to make decision.

      Faster Settlement

      Super-fast transaction along with smart contract system.

      Double Spending Solution

      Full stop for confusions like double spending in same unit.


      User Friendly

      Simple and interactive design with high tech features

      Bug Free Code

      Continuous testing from unit testing to system testing for a bug free application.
      erp solutions

      Super Responsive

      Completely responsive application that better fits your device

      Fast Loading

      Optimized code and scripts for better and fast load time

      Our Process

      Analysis & Planing

      Consensus Design

      Blockchain Protocols Development

      Supervision/ Testing


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