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    ERP Solutions

    ERP Solutions: ERP stands for enterprise resource management and it’s also referred as business management software. Especially, it integrates the overall business process and facilitates information flow across the organization. When it comes to the business of huge size, all the core processes like finance, HR department, supply chain, production, and others will be huge. In fact, EIBS is the best ERP Solutions Providers in Madurai and also offers professional logo design company. In detail, to make it managerial ERP is essential above all for any huge organization to optimize time and work efficiency. Of course, It has a wide range of benefits and the most indispensable solution required for any business.

    ERP Solutions Providers Module


    Business Intelligence

    The best ERP software will analyse data and convert them to useful pieces of information so that the major decisions can be taken easily through.


    Enterprise Assets Management

    In the Light of, the main motive of EAM is to control and optimize an organizations physical, technological and human resource across its business units



    The accounting module provides a wide as well as clear centralized control, tracking of financial data and integration over financial information.



    To reduce cost and time, so that greater emphasis is needed to control manufacturing units, planning, wastages and accessories management.



    It’s one of the key modules, which has to be in pace with business world changes as it is the Interface through which we integrate with the third party.


    Human Resource

    HR Management Software is mainly to unify the following tasks like, to track attendance, payroll, hiring and resource skill level in a single module.

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