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    HR Management Software has become an essential asset of any corporate environment. It helps to decrease time consumption of employees by automating tasks and so that our valuable employees can focus on other impactful areas. It allows users to store, acquire, analyse and distribute information in a secured banner. As well as HRM software comprises a number of modules to ensure easy management of human resources with the help of software development company, crm software.

    Our HR Management Software Solutions


    Our HRM Experts and Specialisations

    Our experts know the fact well that “Same software doesn’t fits well”. Every company’s process is different and requires a package of modules that is tailor made for them. So that we can bring a huge difference to future growth and success. As well as when it comes to HRMS, security is one among the greatest concern as we are going to store lots of data like proprietary company data and volumes of employees data .So security is one among critical portion we cover and concentrate when it comes to HRM.

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      HRM Modules


      Recruitment Management

      A recruitment modules will automate all the manual process done from form filling, post vacancies, resume validation, filtering candidates till interview process.

      Performance Management

      Performance Management

      Performance management is an important part of HRM, CRM Solutions through which appraisal, employee tracking, target setting and analysis is automated and done efficiently.


      Attendance Management

      Attendance management is the corner stone of any HRM through which we can handle attendance tracking, bio metrics, time management as well as legislative compliance.


      Payroll Management

      Payroll management can be done efficiently through a HRM by scheduling, creating systems to calculate pay checks, ERP Solutions withholds and pay taxes in a highly secured manner.



      To engage new hires effectively with the management, on boarding module helps by automatically delivering details to them, forward team based tasks and tracking their tasks.



      Administration module helps in managing tasks like maintaining employee details like welfare, tax, health care and other finance oriented works are managed and tracked easily.

      Why EIBS Global in HR Management Service?


      Role based access control and separation of duties are few in built security features of our HRM

      Higher Productivity

      Streamlined process with reduced resources and time with automated core functionalities.


      Fast track business process, employee status with automatically generated reports and alerts

      Better Insights

      Get the exact status of your workforce and their history Gain real time knowledge about your employees


      Auto generated documents as well as secured data transfer in With easily convertible format in Human Resource Management Software

      Shared Database

      Integrates all in single solution with data accuracy as Well as it cut downs dependency


      User Friendly

      Simple and interactive design with high tech features

      Bug Free Code

      Continuous testing from unit testing to system testing for a bug free application.
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      Super Responsive

      Completely responsive application that better fits your device

      Fast Loading

      Optimized code and scripts for better and fast load time

      Our Process

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