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    A Crucial App Store Optimization Techniques in Digital Marketing to Make Your App Visible

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    App Store Optimization Techniques

    A Crucial App Store Optimization Techniques in Digital Marketing to Make Your App Visible


    App Store Optimization Techniques: Around 2 million apps covering the app store, from that finding your app is a big problem facing publishers of the mobile app. If you are one amongst them, you must learn the techniques to enhance your app so that it can capture the top place in the store. App Store Optimization Techniques will support you in such cases. This article will aid you in gaining some practical understandings of the improvement of app optimization.


    What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

    In general, ASO is a technique that is utilized to optimize the mobile phone apps to acquire the top positions in the application store. Your app will be noticeable to the customers if the rank of the app is high. If the visibility of the app increase, then there will be more traffic to the application in the play store. This process is named as App Store Optimization Techniques.


    The main aim of ASO is to increase the traffic to your application page in the store so that the user takes an immediate action of “Downloading the application.”


    Pivotal understanding of the target consumer is necessary for this ASO such as including the keyword that the user uses to explore an app. You will have an enhanced understanding of your customer when you learn more keywords – a part of the digital marketing strategy.


    Why is App Store Optimization Important?


    ASO plays a vital part in the app store. It will increase the search ranking of the app. If you are not using it, you will be losing a position in the most extensive network of discovery.


    More than thousands of applications are competing with one another to grab the highest position in the app store. So, it is necessary to add something for the application to acquire the top rank. For this purpose, a secret weapon called Application Store Optimization Techniques which is going to help you. But, the main thing is that you should devote some time with the ASO every week to achieve the overall success.


    Mechanisms of App Store Optimization


    Let’s break it into different parts.


    Primary Factor


    Title – The heading of the app should be the one with the highest traffic. You should do complete research before keeping the title because frequently changing your title for a keyword will be detrimental. The moment your application reaches the highest position, you will get more reviews and fame. For this perseverance, changing the title/name will difficult to spread the news.


    Keywords – First and foremost, you must know the type of keyword which is relevant and suitable for your app. In the same while, it should also be the one which the customer use to search. You can periodically optimize them.


    Secondary Factors


    A Number of downloads – It plays an inevitable role in the ASO, over which you don’t have control.


    Reviews/Ratings – Another essential and uncontrollable factor. However, there will be some happy customers to review and rate the application.


    Keyword in the title: Worth it or not?


    A survey is conducted to check what makes the top-rated applications to be in the highest ranks. As a result, they found that it was the keyword presented in the title. Utilization of the keyword within the title will give you popularity and high traffic in the search results. App store optimization techniques is found that the ranking will increase by 10.3% if you comprise the keyword on the heading. So, it is worth placing a keyword on the title.


    8 Steps for App Store Optimization


    The following are those nine steps to increase the traffic for the mobile phone application.


    1. Begin with an expressive title

    2. Make use of keyword wisely

    3. Give the description of the app in an impressive way

    • Google play
    • Apple store

    4. Select the appropriate category for your application

    5. Design a unique and powerful icon design

    6. Keep on encouraging the positive reviews

    7. For Android applications, try using Google+

    8. Periodically evaluate the ASO


    As conclusion, we would like to say that ASO is an inevitable process for your app to tops the rank list. And, the effective utilization of it will help to achieve a more significant response.


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