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    wordpress website design services

    WordPress Website Design Services Company Overview

    EiBS is a well-established Website Development Company in Madurai. With over 10+ years of experience, we offer innovative design and development for various industries. In addition, our company have expertise in the latest technologies and emerging trends.


    We provide quality website development and time-bound services for your businesses. We’re the best if you need fantastic websites for your businesses. With quality and best services, you get benefits from affordable pricing best services. EiBS ensure to create a strong brand image for your business. Design & Develop a Brand through website development.


    EiBS ensure to create a strong brand image for your business. EiBS helps businesses to rank their website top in search engines. In addition, we have innovative ideas and plan for your social media marketing success.


    Need for good website

    Bounce Rate

    Bounce website rates are determined by how many website visitors load your website but leave after visiting only one or two pages. It is typically normal to have a bounce rate of around 40 to 50%. However, if it’s over 70 to 80%, then that’s a sign your website is missing the visitor’s needs. The major and foremost causes of high bounce rates are very slow loading times, ugly layouts, and unclear messaging.

    Mobile Friendly

    It’s no more a big surprise that mobile phones have taken over the world and comprise most website traffic. However, suppose you’re not catering to mobile devices. In that case, you’re not only losing away potential visitors, but Google will also omit your website data in mobile search results, costing you free traffic and recognition.

    Loading Speed

    Almost all visitors expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less. If your website is taking longer, then you’re losing more and more customers with every second. A few causes of slow website speeds include poorly written code, slow server response times, not properly utilizing cache, and loading too many files.


    WordPress Web Development Service Feature

    We specialize in Word Press development as the core CMS powers over 40 to 50% of the Web. Design constraints or features do not limit our websites.
    Our web development team has implemented hundreds of projects in different niches – media websites, business sites, ecommerce stores, custom platforms, and university networks with tons of API integrations (to name a few).

    Responsive Website development

    A mobile-friendly website looks just as awesome when viewed on your iPhone or tablet. Our websites are built with mobile users in mind; each web project is designed to look flawlessly on desktop and mobile.
    Your custom Word Press solution will attract more visitors and provide easy access for all of them to contact you and help you close a deal.

    Word Press Website development

    EiBS uses a Word Press website and custom design and development solutions. EiBS is one of the leading Word Press development companies, employing a lot of Professional Word Press Core developers.
    Our reputation and network in the Word Press space allow us to stay on top of the platform development, anticipate changes, and build reliable products adhering to the latest standards.

    Unique Website Design

    Completely custom development and design crafted by our creative masterminds for you. For example, designing a brand new theme for your website will attract the right audience for your business. Your new design will follow your corporate identity and adapt to the best UX practices.
    In addition to your unique and new website design, we can assist with rebranding all of your social media accounts, corporate documents, business cards and other assets used for marketing and advertisement.

    Full–Service Website Management

    The complete structure of the design and development of the website. EiBS is a software development company that provides the best and most unique services, including creative and website design and development. Other than development, we also provide business development and server management.
    We build long-term relationships with our accounts and support their online presence analysis through multiple channels, from their website sales funnel and content strategy to their social and email marketing presence.


    We specialize in Web designing and development, integration and maintenance, web hosting and other services to drive e-cooperation with EiBS customers, EiBS partners and community members. Get in touch with EiBS for your perfect website development, and place your business website at google’s top ranking by SEO Services.

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