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    How to Improve Your Website Ranking Using Technical SEO Service

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    Technical Search Engine Optimization

    How to Improve Your Website Ranking Using Technical SEO Service

    Technical Search Engine Optimization: Every digital marketer is interested to improve their website ranking on Google search engine. Many are seeking for shortcuts. In fact, the major areas that have an opportunity in recently are “Technical SEO”.It is the core areas of the website that you don’t see on the frontend of your website. If you begin implementing, it can make a world of difference. For this reason, this blog represents some Technical SEO Services tips to boost your website ranking Best digital marketing strategy are such as follows.


    Technical SEO Service- Boost Website Ranking


    Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly


    To begin with, the most basic Technical Search Engine Optimization tip. According to Google algorithm, it gives preference to mobile-friendly responsive websites. Several top websites were penalized for not adopting a mobile-friendly web template. Therefore, how do you verify the mobile-friendliness of the website? You will use any of the following free tools such as


    • 1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
    • 2. HubSpot’s website grader
    • 3. GTMetrix


    Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test: This tool identifies whether your website meets Google’s criteria for the mobile-optimized website.

    GTMetrix and HubSpot’s Website Grader: It provides in-depth insights into what you can do to ensure the mobile-friendlinesss of your Website Development Company.


    Optimize your XML Sitemap


    Sitemaps are most important for Google to identify and index your webpages. For this reason, it is easy to create an XML sitemap. If you are a WordPress user, you will generate it using Yoast SEO plugin or Google’s very own XML sitemap plugin. Once you have created the sitemap, submit it to Google through Google Search Console. Sign-in your Google Search Console account and navigate to Sitemaps-> Add a new sitemap and then click submit. Once your sitemap is successfully submitted, follow the below tips to optimize XML sitemap.


    • 1. If you block a page in robots.txt, it has no business being in an XML sitemap
    • 2. Prioritize high-quality pages in your sitemap
    • 3. If you have got a huge site with over 50,000 URLs, then use dynamic XML sitemaps


    Speed Up your Website


    As a matter of fact, site speed is crucial. If a website is slow and it takes a long time to respond, Google can place a little penalty on your website. That means, even if the content is high-quality of that certain topic, your website will rank lower in Google than it would if your website had faster load times. This is a technical SEO aspect that you can’t afford to ignore. Follow these tips to speed up your websites such as


    Optimize Site’s images- Use a compressed image format such as JPG in the majority of your posts. As well as, use a tool like imagify to compress the image files.

    Enable Browser Caching- This can temporarily store some data on a user’s computer, hence they don’t have to wait for it to load every time they visit your website.

    Enable Compression- It can reduce HTML and CSS files by 50%-70% and it increases site speed significantly.

    Content Delivery system- Use a CDN such as MaxCDN or Cloudflare to improves site speed.

    Reduce server response time – Google recommends keeping server response time fewer than 200 milliseconds.


    Optimize Internal Links


    an biggest female biceps internal link is also known as a hyperlink that points to another page on the same website. However, an internal links may not have the same influence on search rankings as external links, they play a crucial role in helping Technical Search Engine Optimization understand the information hierarchy for your website and enhancing an SEO-friendly site architecture. So, what is the best way to optimize your internal links? Moz recommends branding agency utilizing descriptive keywords in anchor text which gives a sense of the keywords the source page is trying to target.


    Use Keywords in Image ALT Text


    Google uses metadata such as the image file name and image alt text to identify what’s in an image. Therefore, describe your visual and video media using alt tags or alternative text descriptions in customized crm software. It allows search engines to locate your page that is crucial. Specifically for those who use text-only browsers or screen readers.

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