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Know Better about the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital Marketing Trends

Know Better about the Latest Digital Marketing Trends


Digital Marketing Trends in 2018


In this contemporary world, everyone had a few knowledge of digital marketing. But it’s amazing how the digital marketing trends rules the world and supports for business development. The trends of digital marketing are rapidly increasing day to day. This has several phases, each for the several determinations. The list of exclusive trends in digital marketing are:


  • • Artificial Intelligence
  • • Programmatic Advertising
  • • Chatbots
  • • Influencer Marketing
  • • Social Messaging Apps
  • • Visual Search
  • • Micro Moments


Artificial Intelligence


In recent days, the most vital thing for the marketing process is Artificial intelligence. At this moment, there arises a significant query among the readers. How this AI helps for the digital Marketing? Here is a solution to your confusion. To point out, AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, data utilization from platforms of social media and posting of blogs to benefit businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services.


Programmatic Advertising


Principally, Programmatic advertising consumes Artificial Intelligence that systematizes the buying of ads and competent to target audiences. Specifically, this enhances the probabilities of the successful marketing campaign and diminishes the acquisition costs to the customer.




This is an AI technology that habits the format of an instant message for real-time chatting with your customer or site visitors that may be day or night. The intention why many of the customers like to interact with Chatbots because it provides answers accurately without losing patience. Additionally, chatbots can offer solutions to the questions, offer thorough information about your services and products, and requests for an email address to progress the details without the interaction of humans.


Influencer Marketing


Usually, Influencer Marketing drives your brand’s messages to the superior market through the focus on the key leaders. To attract customers, the effective marketing tool is an influencer. Influencers may be one of the personalities and stars of Instagram or YouTube to famous bloggers and Medias who support extent the word on your business or product via their channels.


Social Messaging Apps


To directly send messages to your customers, social messaging apps is a useful thing. This is because it permits personalization and increases user experience value. Due to the popularity of social apps, 46% of people show their preference for business communication through these apps instead of habiting emails. Likewise, 49% of the people desire to message over the phone call with business.


Visual Search


Generally, this is an exclusive search engine that can show the user experience to a new level. Through this visual search, it is possible for the users to upload any images and organize the search, and yield many specific results efficiently. A visual search engine named as google lens by Google that distinguishes objects, standards and additional things visually over a camera app.


Micro Moments


The Micro moments is the behavior of the consumers that delivers a clear and concise marketing message of the consumer’s interest within a span of seconds. Additionally, if the customers are in need of any information, it provides the right one to them. To mention that, people usually change in a fraction of second and also take decisions in a short period of what they prefer. Thus it is more beneficial to them.


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