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    Right Digital Partner

    Nail Your Business with the Right Digital Partner

    Nail your business with the Right Digital Partner

    Deciding to invest in a digital solution for your benefitor to enhance your business is an important step toward quality, efficiency, growth, and profitability. Nowadays, all you have to do is come up with an idea, prepare a budget, and contact a digital partner, after which you can enjoy using a product that miraculously solves your business difficulties. But isn’t it easier said than done? So, where to even start it?


    Why we Need a Right Digital Partner?

    Finding a Digital partner company that suits your business objectives is difficult enough, but how to assemble your thoughts and express your product concept precisely and without misunderstandings is the hardest issue!

    Key to approach a Right Digital Partner 

    A well-written brief! Here are some best practices.

    1) Gather your thoughts and make a suitable plan.

    2) Find your trusted digital partner.

    3) Approach the digital partner company correctly.

    4) How to nail your business briefing?


    Gather your thoughts and make a suitable plan :


    Gather your thoughts and consider your options carefully before acting. Building a digital solution is a strategic move that demands careful planning and an awareness of your company’s needs, capacities, and opportunities for addressing them within your budget and long-term goals. The problem is that a digital project necessitates knowledge of both technology and consumer requirements. Therefore, it would help if you had a comprehensive grasp of your consumers and the technology that answers their problems to make the best decisions for them.

    When it comes to digital transitions, we mustn’t jump to conclusions without first conducting thorough research. While many tools can perform the task, successful firms focus on efficient ones and deliver the greatest possible customer experience.

    Find your trusted digital partner

    The most difficult part of finding the right trustworthy development partner to successfully realize the vision of your software is identifying precisely your needs and use of that particular digital solution. You need a firm/person who understands your inquiries and can develop a solution that meets and solves your targeted problems.

    Base your decision on the following criteria :

    • Expertise, technologies and provided services
    • Case studies and portfolio
    • UI/UX abilities
    • Their process
    • Their website
    • Fix payment Engagement policies and estimated delivery delays
    • Aftersale support
    • Social media presence
    • Corporate culture

    Approach the Right Digital Partner company correctly:

    Contacting a Digital Partner firm is typically done through their website, specified phone numbers and emails, or filling out enquiry forms on their social media sites. Most organizations require a briefing during the initial contact phase, during which you must tell them a little about yourself and your proposal. It is encouraged that you try to offer as many details as possible because it is critical to comprehend the early stages of your project when developing a digital solution. If you’re still in the early stages, they can assist you by reshaping and filling in the gaps. In addition, they can help you with the necessary revisions and the creation of a visible pathway if you are at an advanced level.

    How to nail your business briefing?

    At EIBS, It consists of a form where you fill with your details and contacts as an individual or a company so they can get back to you. Then, you select the service you are aiming for, whether web development or SEO services etc… Next, mention your estimated budget, the expected timeline, and precise requirements. Then write a project summary, which is the most crucial sustanon 250 injection phase because it informs everything about your business demands and the digital solution you’re looking for.

    Not all businesses are the same, but they all operate in a highly complex industry. Some only work with certain technologies, avoid working on projects with ambiguous deliverables, don’t engage with customers until they know their financial situation, and don’t take on unstudied projects with useless non-explanatory briefings, which is completely understandable given the complexity of the software industry. However, most software firms are overburdened with work and receive hundreds of enquiries every day, most of which are turned down because they are not serious enough. They even filter the clients they receive, so they don’t get involved in projects where their vision is hazy. As a result, a software development firm should be founded on a clear idea and a thorough briefing that encourages collaboration and confidence.

    Organizing a business briefing is your gateway to communicating the goals of your business. The initial briefing does not need to be overly detailed. Still, it does need to accurately explain your inquiries since a business development manager will contact you for the remaining details. The brief should serve as the foundation for the project, which will be expanded as the discussion continues. Don’t worry about oversharing; your questions will be private in a custom-built CRM until further debate. A well-written briefing guarantees that your software developer not only knows your business but also sells your vision and how it will work. A well-written brief that the developer understands can significantly impact the development process’s efficiency and enable the developer to provide step-by-step instructions or features required to complete the project.

    The more information you provide, the better and faster the best person is assigned to handle your request and stay in touch with you throughout the process, ensuring that communication is smooth and efficient.

    Are you unsure what should be included in the proposal?

    Let’s start with the fundamentals of a project briefing that you should provide to a software house to explain how your product should function. The following are the three points that should be included in your briefing.

    General Idea: an overview and description of the desired product, project status, the product’s functional purpose, the problem it’s supposed to answer, and user personas with similar product references if possible.

    Specification: includes a list of basic desired features, if possible, early visioned mock-ups, a target time frame, and a financial limit.

    Integration plan: every detail that a software house requires to begin developing a product right away, from the database to the software’s integration process with external services, API documentation, and so on.


    Here’s how you elaborate every element

    General Business Description: 

    Begin by preparing a brief. An overview of the project’s statutes, requirements, and problem to be solved, as well as a precise definition of the software application’s characteristics. It provides solutions to questions such as: For what purpose is it made? And what problems does it solve? Avoid writing generalities by elaborating as much as possible. as an example, Instead of writing “I want to construct a mobile app for my bank’s customer service,” try “I want to develop a mobile app that reminds customers to pay their bills and check their account status.”

    Define your user’s personas:

    Who will be the business users? What will it be used for, and how will it be accessed?

    Personas/users play a critical role in designing the envisioned software’s required user interface and user experience. For example, an application intended for the elderly will not look or function the same as one designed for younger people.

    Basic Feature list:

    What are your software’s unique requirements and features? A basic list of features is critical since it allows the software business to suggest trendy improvements for improved functionality and establish the project’s initial budget. Mention which project parts are vital and non-compressible, which traits would be excellent to have, and which features are less important and might be added later.

    Describe the basic business vision:

    It is critical to assist with the visualization of your vision. Although having pre-sketches in hand is the most effective method, this is not an issue because a reputable software development firm knows to wireframe your projects according to your vision.

    Prepared Budget:

    Mentioning The amount of money you’re willing to put into the project is crucial in establishing its feasibility and narrowing down the desired features based on your budget. In addition, it’s a gauge of how serious your request is.

    Time Frame:

    When do you want the job finished? Do you want to start working on the project right away, or do you want to wait? It’s also crucial because it aids the software firm in prioritizing your project and determining the amount of personnel needed to complete it within your period.


    Although the information provided below may appear limited, don’t let that stop you from asking the questions you require. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions or issues. Our executive will be happy to assist you.


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