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    Software Development Life Cycle – What Are The Phases In Software Life Cycle?

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    Software Development Life Cycle

    Software Development Life Cycle – What Are The Phases In Software Life Cycle?

    Software Development life cycle is a process used to develop software. To determine, there are different phases within the software development life cycle and in each phase, different activities take place. As a matter of fact, SDLC creates the structure for the development teams to be able to design and create. As well as, to provide high-quality software by defining several tasks that need to happen. In fact, the life cycle defines the methodology for enhancing the quality of software and the overall development process.


    List of Phases in Software Development Life Cycle


    Here, the list of phases in software development life cycle such as

    • 1. Requirement Analysis
    • 2. Designing & Successful Branding
    • 3. Implementation
    • 4. Testing and
    • 5. Maintenance


    Requirement Analysis


    During this phase, all the relevant information can collect from the customer to enhance a product as per their expectation. In that case, any ambiguities must be resolved. As a matter of fact, the three essential exercises associated with the analysis stage are as per following such as

    • 1. Gathering business requirement
    • 2. Creating process diagrams
    • 3. Performing a detailed analysis




    Design is an important aspect of Software Development. However, the design should be clear and creative. In fact, it involves overall product design with data structure and database design. In order to, the requirement gathered in the SRS document is utilizing as an input and software architecture which is utilizing for implementing system development is derived.




    Generally, a Software Development Life Cycle contains a great number of programs that require careful implementation and step-by-step integration of the product. Implementation begins once the developer gets the design document. The software design will translate into the source code. In fact, all the components of the software development company are implemented in this phase.




    After the completion of coding, Software Testing will testing department. Testers play an important role in the quality and performance of the software. The software can test thoroughly and any defects found can assign to the developers to get them fix. When the testing department can ensure that the software is error-free, then it goes to the next phase. Retesting, regression testing is done yet the point at which the software is as per the customer’s expectation.




    Finally, the software will hand over to the clients to install on their devices. After the installation, if the clients need any modification, the product is to come under the maintenance process. The three essential things in maintenance phase such as

    • 1. Support the system users
    • 2. System maintenance
    • 3. System changes and adjustment


    Final Thoughts


    In the final analysis, all the phases in the software life cycle which define above are applicable to any Software Development Life Cycle, Website Development methodology. However, the activities and the duration in each phase that depends on whether you follow the Agile or V Model Website Designing Company methodology.

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