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    Elysium Pay is also known as Elysium payment App, may be defined as any payment where a Mobile devices or Network is used to initiate, authorize and confirm an exchange of currency in return of goods and services. Devices include like Mobiles, Laptops, Wireless Tablets, PDAs and other devices that can connect to mobile telecommunication networks. Elysium pay app is an alternative for Cash in hand, Cheque, Debit Cards & Credit Cards and can make possible new opportunities for client’s convenience.

    Features of HRM

    It features graphs, flow charts, and yearly records of employee details.


    Employee personal and professional records are maintained and monitored.


    Department wise informations and details are updated and monitored.


    It displays various operations that can be performed and analysed.


    Office expenses are updated and managed effectively.


    The portal comes with an inbuilt calendar that highlights important dates of the academic year like exam commencement and so.

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    What’s a Zeus HRM?

    It’s a portal to connect HR personnel with prospective applicants.

    It’s enriched with user friendly features and impressive layouts for effective process.

    It includes intuitive application process and project information.

    Intuitive and user-friendly interface that everyone could use easily.

    How does HRM work?

    Zeus HRM is a web portal running on any device supporting web browser.

    It has optimal viewing experience to prospect applicants.

    It is a gateway to support and connect two main individuals.

    It is more effective than the traditional paperwork process.

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