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POS Software

Drive Your Business With Restaurant POS Software

Point of Sale (POS) software should be a part of a larger solution that helps you run and manage your business end-to-end. Restaurant POS system development is one of the demanding after services in recent time. It is not only monitoring and inputting your daily sales activity but also include inventory tracking capabilities, customer management, sales reports, managing customer loyalty programs for your store.

By implementing this POS Software, you can reduce the most manual and tedious steps. Hence, this resulting in more time and also resources to focus on the growing key parts of their business. Such as enhancing customer service experience or else attracting new customers with the help of software development company.

Why EiBS Global ?

We have used unique methods that streamline the design, structure in POS system development, which are tailor-made according to your business requirements. Our development team can work flawlessly without any complexity for ensuring software. Expertise in POS application development by delivering flexible, user-friendly and secure software solutions for all kinds of businesses.

8+ Years Experience

Quality Deliverables

Dedicated Team

Unparalleled Support

Empower Your Business With EiBS GLOBAL Point Of Sale Software

At EiBS Global, POS Software is designed to handle all requirements of the individual shop or retail chain in an effective, efficient and accurate way.

  • Faster execution time with quality development work
  • Expertise in providing all types of POS software
  • Excellent product support bulk SMS service
  • Error-free Software development work using erp softwares

Our Expert Software Developers To Get Flexible Applications With Complete Technical Support

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Home Appliances




Web & Hosting Agencies

All In One Business Software

Supplier & Customer Report

Stock Report

Trending Product

Profit / Loss Report

Purchase & Sale

Tax Report

Items Report

Product Purchase Report

Sell Payment Report

Expense Report

Register Report

Sales Representative Report

Excellent Features

Quick Keys / Product Lookup

Allows associates to hit a single button for a commonly sold item.

Multiple Payment Methods

Go beyond traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards.

Returns, Refunds and Store Credit

Providing with flexible options to return items for both refunds or store credit.

Mobile Registers

It allows ringing someone anywhere in the store — preventing queues.

Customer-Facing Display

It allows customers a high level of transparency into the transaction and make it easy.


Able to print barcodes can keep each of your products neatly tagged and trackable.

Loyalty Program

Looking for a solution that has built-in loyalty program software, making to get one up.

Stock And Auto-Filled Orders

Stock And Auto-Filled Orders system can make a snap to order more stock for your store.

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