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    7 Essential Factors for Creating a Successful Web Design

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    Design a Web Page

    7 Essential Factors for Creating a Successful Web Design

    Design a Web Page: Just imagine this scenario before designing a website. You have visited a website, and there was something that interested you so much that you were prompted to stay and check more information in that website. Most of us have experienced something similar, right?

    Was it the colour scheme of the website? Or else image on the homepage? Or, was it simple to navigate and finding a lot of information? The reason is, what makes your website attractive enough for a visitor to stay and scan through the information? It is Web design the key to making a website that is not only appealing to the visitor but also user-friendly.


    38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or else layout is unattractive


    It will take 0.05 seconds for the visitors or users to form an opinion about the website and also determining whether they are going to stay or else leave. So, the website content and layout has to entice your visitors enough to want to stay on the website and read/learn more about the products and services.


    85% of online visitors/consumers are less likely to return to the website after a bad experience


    It means that your CMS website design has to not only male a better first impression by being simple to read, easy to navigating and also appealing the aesthetically, it is also having to entice visitors to stay on the website by almost immediately answering the questions.


    Judgements on the company’s credibility are 75% based on the company web design.


    It’s almost 2020 going to end, and your website serves as a window into the company, thus it requires to exude trust and credibility. Or else you may run the risk of handing the potential customers over to the competitors with the better-designed websites. Important to realize, trust is emphasized on the about us page of the company’s website.


    Users can spend average 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content


    It is not a lot of time to soak into all the written content on the homepage of your website., The key is to use a concept called progressive disclosure where the people aren’t bombarded into the content they don’t require right away. But they are still simple to find it, and other information gets deeper into the websites like main navigation menu.


    65% of small business websites lacking a CTA (Call to Action) on their landing pages


    The perfect CTA button will direct users getting them to take the desired action, enhance conversion rated and also it helps the website achieve its defined more objectives. How many visitors/ potential customers can suppose to know what actions you may want them to take off you don’t give the CTAs. Most importantly, it helps them better find what you are looking for or how more informations? They don’t and they can’t.


    40% of website visitors can leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number


    Not all the visitors to your website can interest in or have the time to peruse the entire website. They can require accessing only a phone number or else address or just a particular bit of information. At the same time, it is essential to place critical information in plain sight, in a simply accessible area. We have all have the experience of not being able to locate some required information on the web. Design a web page these are the information. They are annoying at the best and disgruntled visitor won’t staying on your website very long. It is unlikely not to return, much less do business with you.


    Let appearance be appealing and make it SEO friendly


    Design a Web Page equal emphasis which is laid into the appearance of the website development company. It includes the colour scheme, font, videos, images and so on. While planning the colour scheme of the layout, keep in mind, to utilize the colours that complement the logo. As a matter of fact, website designing can SEO friendly, which includes relevant keywords while developing the content.

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